Listening Room

From jazz/funk to bluegrass, from bands to solo albums, from originals to covers... I love to try it all. 

This cover is making its way through yoga studios around the world. 

The radio single from our first EP

We won the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting contest and an American Songwriting Award for this track.

Our first studio project as a band. Fun fact - we're the second generation of The Heritage. It's a band name legacy in my family. I now own the band name copywrite. 

My full length solo album. Writing these songs carried me through dark times after a heartbreak and the loss of my Father. Sales from this record earned me the right to vote in the Grammy award process as a voting member of the Recording Academy (NARAS).

Check out track 6 - loved this duet with Ryan VanDordrecht. Jeremy Serwer lends his vocal talents to track 4. 

The incomparable Kevin Hahn engineered at Opal Studios.

AG Donnaloia and I started this band in the mid 1990s in the heart of the post-ska era. We had an awesome 10 year run - still some of the most fun I've had writing lyrics. 

AG - Guitar 

Dallas Huber - Bass

Dave Muldoon - Drums

Nate G - Flute 

Josh Cliburn - Sax

Mike Wayland - Sax

Russel Scott - Trumpet 

Me - Vox 

Solo EP and songwriting demo. Written and recorded in LA

One of my all-time favorite duets. Jeremy's stark view on modern-day capitalism mixed with a really cool melody line.

Every Christmas, we make our holiday songs free for fan download. This was our first! 

Michael Herrman and I performed, recorded, and mixed this one while he was living in Jordan. We love technology! 

I was honored to sing on this one with the crazy-talented Trevor Ras

This song makes me smile. Proud to have worked with this talented group. RIP V. 

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