Other Lives - About the Book

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Nova Daniels is missing. That is the headline on the front page. Nova always hated the picture Jeanette Daniels had chosen to best represent her daughter. Today, its purpose is to alert the locals to her tragic disappearance.

Never once had Jeanette considered that Nova may have left of her own volition.

Leaving small town life behind in rural coastal Washington state, 17 year-old Nova sets off on a cross-country journey. Trying to stay one step ahead of those who may be looking for her, she takes on new personas - Other Lives - finding love, and maybe herself along the way. She's desparate to keep her identity a secret, yet looking for a place to belong.

...but what she doesn't know... may kill her. Nova doesn't believe in the paranormal, and her dearly departed father is counting on that. She's now unknowingly ruled by the ghost of her father who is bending her will to his own selfish agenda. Will she realize in time to save herself? Will the mysterious "sisters" be able to help? Will love be strong enough to save her life and finally banish her father for good?

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