Life's a beach.

Four, maybe five years ago, I took a trip to the Oregon Coast alone. Just two nights, I wanted 24 entire hours where I didn't have to know what time it was, didn't get asked to wipe anyone's bum, and just plain wasn't needed by anyone. I could let my guard down. I could be imperfect and messy. I could leave sharp objects on low tables without any babies losing fingers or toes.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. My cup runneth over. Great husband, kids, white picket fence.,,. all the good things. I'm also an extrovert. I tend to get energized by being among people and striving to meet deadlines.

...but even extroverts need alone time now and then.

The best part of that trip was the inspiration it sparked. I wrote a song that day and sang it to the waves as they crashed on rock and sand.

I vowed to do that every year going forward.

...but then life happened... as it tends to while we make other plans.

On the eve of my 40th birthday, I thought it was a great time to keep the promise I made to myself. I planned to meditate and create... in whatever way inspiration guided me. I brought art supplies, my guitar, my book 2 ideas... so I'd be ready for whatever I felt guided to. As a "control enthusiast" as I like to call it (so much nicer than control freak!), I wanted to cover all my bases so I really could just let go and be spontaneous. Of course, planning to be spontaneous is not a thing... but it worked out for me.

I went for 3 nights, so I had two full days there. I figured it would take the first day just to unwind... but I was wrong. The minute I got there, I felt like creativity just started pouring out of me. I wrote a song that might be my new fave called Close Enough to Fight. Will record and release sometime later in the summer. I played guitar until my fingers hurt too much.

I walked down to the sea to thank the universe for these 39 years. What an awesome life it is.

I walked along the shore thinking of all the things Nova could get up to in book 2. Pretty sure I landed on a winner,,, but want to run it by my publisher before I share. They own me as a writer for 2 years, so I would publish with them or wait until the contract ended. Hoping they'll want the second book, too... but it all depends on whether or not anyone buys Other Lives!

On the last day, I woke up to find the latest draft of my manuscript in my in-box (more about that in the next post). I had a 90 minute massage to release the weight of the world from my shoulders. Then had dinner with my dear friend Diana who I hadn't seen in years. That in and of itself inspired me. She's whip-smart and we have some differences in our political views. It was so refreshing to have a mature conversation about politics that didn't get emotional or combative. It made me feel like there's hope for our country yet.

On my two hour drive back to Portland, I was playing iTunes roulette with my music library. A song off of a record my former band put out came on. It had literally been a decade since I listened to it. Totally surreal to be so far removed from it. It was like listening for the first time. I laughed, I cried, I reminisced, The day was unseasonably warm and sunny. I sang along (when I could remember the lyrics!) at the top of my lungs while I drove some of the most beautiful roads in the northwest with my sunroof open.

The band was called GROOVEYARD. We played around Portland from about 1995-2005. We released the album in 2002 and it definitely shows. The style is big band/funk meets post-ska... I was the lead singer and wrote all the songs with AG Donnaloia. (If you haven't heard of AG, look him up! Best guitar player I know!). I was the only gal among a big crew of guys... who outvoted me on the album title. Can't win 'em all.

Anyway, I realize I need a music tab on this site, too. I'll add it today. Thanks for sticking with this long and random post to the end. xoxoxo

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