Book launch in your hometown!

Other Lives is in its final fine tuning stage. It'll be on bookstore shelves in July if we stay on track from here!

I'm in full-blown planning mode. I plan to hit all the cities where Nova spends time and has another "life". That puts me in:

Ocean Park, WA (Nova's hometown)

Sioux Falls, SD

Boston, MA

Stonington Borough/Mystic CT,


+Portland because I live here. May try to get up to Seattle as well.

There are so many more places I wish I could be. That's where you come in.

  1. Do you love YA magical realism?

  2. Are you excited about Other Lives?

  3. Is there a bookstore in your hometown you love?

If you answered yes to these three questions, you're PERFECT. Here's what I'm thinking:

What: Book launch party for Other Lives by Jenn Dashney

When: TBD. Likely the mid to late point of July. The event will last just about an hour,

Who: You, or you and your bestie.

How: I'll send you flyers in a printable format as well as social media optimized post options. We'll edit them to specify your event details. You'll create a Facebook invite and add me as co-host. Invite local friends and family you think would enjoy it.

Inventory: The bookshop will order copies via Ingram. There is no risk to them. Ingram lets the bookseller return any unsold copies at no cost.

Details: I'll send you a 'launch in a box' kit. Inside you'll find a signed copy of Other Lives, dedicated to you. I'll include swag and giveaway items. You'd pick up a tray of snacks on the way in.

Expenses: This should be fairly inexpensive. Just the cost of the snack tray and flyer printing. You'll submit receipts to me and I will reimburse you right away via Venmo or Square Cash.

Contact the bookshop you have in mind.

"Hi, I'm ___. I'm on Jenn Dashney's launch team for her new YA novel, Other Lives. I'd like to host a launch at your shop. Other Lives will be distributed via Ingram, so I can give you the ISBN number to order launch copies to sell." Then work together to select a date and time,

Why: For the love of books and the community they create! Good Karma!

Perks: Signed copy of Other Lives, your name in the acknowledgments of book 2. Lots of social media love!

Compensation: In addition to the perks above, I'll give you $1 for every book sold at your launch.

Run of Show:

3pm - Welcome. Guests settle in and you thank them for coming. Introduce yourself and share a bit about yourself and how you ended up on the launch team!

3:05pm - About the Book/Author. You'll then tell them a bit about the book and the backstory. I'll include a script you can either read or use to inspire your own version.

3:10pm - Reading - Let attendees know there will be trivia questions after the reading, Then, you'll read a few little sections. I'd like to introduce them to some key concepts and characters, but ultimately reading should be fairly short.

3:25pm - Trivia!

3:35pm - Q&A - If you'd like, I'd be happy to FaceTime in, say hello and thank folks for coming, then answer any questions they may have.

3:50pm - Thank all who attended for joining. Mix, mingle, and watch the books fly off the shelf!

4:00pm - Off you go!

In the kit:

Your signed book + one for your bestie if applicable.

About the book & author script.

Page numbers and sections for the reading

Trivia questions, answers, and prizes

Other Lives swag

Tabletop sign

Interested? Let me know below - your name, hometown, and what makes you want to pitch in?

Thank you!!!

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