Ready, set, typeset.

Now we're firmly in the typesetting phase of things. The edits are done - and now we're playing with the look, feel, and layout. The typesetting team's first pass was great in some ways and ready for input in other ways. Once again, I printed the manuscript at this stage. It was funny, it popped into my email inbox while I was on a business trip. I was walking through a hotel lobby in San Diego when I saw the email notification pop up from James, my publishing director. I thought to myself, self - we need to find a FedEx Office so we can print this. Then I looked up and was literally standing in front of a FedEx Office pop-up in the hotel. Travel is a great time for this kind of work!

I sent a few pages of changes over and am now waiting for them to send me a new draft. This is getting SO exciting!

The first version of the layout I felt lacked whimsey, It's one thing about writing in the YA genre that I can index on a bit further than other genres without feeling corny - and I don't want to miss the chance. I want to see handwriting fonts for handwritten notes. Big cursive letters to begin sections... so we'll see how it looks soon!

Once the layout is complete, we have only to finish the cover and then we're ready to go to print!

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