Stonington Borough, Connecticut.

I can't wait for you to read about Stonington.

When I was working on the outline for this story, I spent a lot of time on GoogleMaps. Knowing a cross-country road trip was happening, I had to count miles and time arrivals and such. Knowing NYC would be an important stop on the journey (no spoilers!), I needed somewhere close enough to get there easily, but somewhere far enough away to feel like a safe place to hide. I also wanted a town that lended itself to the possibility that magic is real.

I found Stonington Borough and fell in love. I internet stalked the town for a few weeks before buying a plane ticket. My bestie Nicole agreed to come with me. I needed to see it. I needed to experience it from all six senses. I needed to commute into NYC to see what that would be like for Nova. I needed to walk a mile in her shoes.

In person, it was even better. Stonington proper extends inland a bit, but the Borough is a little stretch of land extending into the harbor. It became a character all its own in this story. The air crackles and sparks with magic.

Alas, a last minute trip isn't cheap. The options to stay overnight in Stonington are slim...let alone the Borough. There's an inn - but that isn't the right setting for Nova. I wanted to wake up in the heart of the Borough and walk out the door to see whatever she'd see. I found an AirBnB that was in the absolute perfect spot - but it was way out of my league in terms of size and cost etc. I took a chance and emailed the host. I told her I was a mother trying to write my debut novel but didn't have much to spend. I told her if she'd give me a deal of some kind to make staying there possible, I'd name a character after her.

She said YES!

So we stayed in the heart of the Borough and went everywhere on foot. I found the boat she rides in. I found the property the house would sit on if it were real. The street she'd walk down. The diner where she gets her clam chowder. The bartender she befriends... it was all there. The Airbnb sits above this incredible antique shop which also made it in to the story along with our fabulous host, Carolyn. You'll have to wait and see where she shows up in the story... but I think she'll be pleased.

I was so excited to tell her about this book deal! I feel like I can deliver on my promise finally...

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