The new synopsis.

Writing the synopsis for the back of the book has been the hardest part for me. In my earlier blog post, you'll see the terrible first version I was trying to make work. It gives too much away... so how can I add suspense without spilling all the beans?

Here's what I sent over to my publisher:

"Nova Daniels is missing."

That's the headline on the front page. Nova always hated the picture her mother had chosen to give to the reporter. Today, it's plastered all over town to alert the locals to Nova's tragic disappearance.

Never once had her mother considered that Nova may have left willingly.

Leaving the predictable small town life behind, seventeen-year-old Nova sets off on a cross country journey. Trying to stay one step ahead of those who may be looking for her, she takes on new personas - Other Lives - finding love, and maybe herself along the way.

...but what she doesn't know may kill her...

Nova has never believed in the paranormal... but truths remain true whether or not we believe in them, Will she put the pieces together in time to save her own life? Is the boy she's been dreaming of the key? Will her other lives catch up with her?


Let me know what you think in the comments! Does this make you want to read it?

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