We're in the home stretch!

I was up until 3am finishing up (what I'm hoping is) the final round of typeset changes and edits. I read through every word of the manuscript to catch anything that may have been missed. There were things... so I'm very glad I was thorough. I guess I thought with a publisher and a book deal and all that... there wouldn't be mistakes. Reality check: my editor and typesetter are both human. That's why this process exists - so we all have eyes on it, each offering a unique perspective.

I caught little things, like a missing "an" or an expression that was used twice in the same paragraph. Little things that might be "ok"... but I don't want this to be just OK. I really want it to be as near perfect as we mere humans can make it.

Now I wait for the typesetter to get me what I'm thinking will be the FINAL draft. From there, we just have to set the cover text (we already have the art thanks to Kamina Kapow). Then, they print just one book. The printer sends that book to me and I read every word. It's a final chance to catch anything once the publisher signs off on it all.

Isn't that nuts? The final green light is given by me. No pressure :)

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