Wow. This process is intense.

As a first time novelist, I'm learning something new at every stage. I made some assumptions about the process and timelines that I've now learned were wrong. The "book launch" for example, doesn't actually happen when the book is ready to order. The day the book is ready for production (which should be in 4 weeks or so!), you can order it! It might take a little bit longer to arrive because it'll be printing... but the first day of production is when the BEGIN the eBook process. That takes another 4-6 weeks. The publisher doesn't actually go in to launch mode until the digital version is available on all platforms.

SO! That means the official launch will be early in the fall. I had a fabulous proofreader take one more pass at the "final draft". She found a few things that I think would bother you when you're reading it... so have asked for a few more little changes. THEN we move to production.


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